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Lock & Load GameFest 2017 is coming up fast, and we have a schedule filled to the bursting point with events that no Lock & Load attendee will want to miss. From Hangouts to tournaments, this year's convention has something for everyone. Lock & Load 2017 is going to be amazing, so here's a preview of the events we have scheduled!

Iron Arena
Step into the Iron Arena and experience casual gaming that rewards you for playing your favorite Privateer Press games. Earn skulls for every game you play and turn them in for amazing prizes! The more games you play, the more skulls you earn. And the more skulls you earn, the more swag you take home!

Open P3 Studio Q&A
The award-winning Privateer Press Studio will be on hand Friday through Sunday, working on current projects and interacting with Lock & Load attendees. The staff will be available to answer questions, demonstrate techniques, and chat about their current projects.

Privateer Press Formula P3 Grandmaster Painting Competition
Show off your painting skills at the annual Privateer Press Formula P3 Grandmaster Painting Competition. Privateer Press Studio staff will judge the pieces based on their individual merits, irrespective of the other entries and categories. Judges will look at each piece and may award gold, silver, or bronze, based solely on the quality of the entry. In addition, one entry will be awarded best overall, earning its painter the coveted title of Grandmaster.

Privateer Press Keynote Panel
Our annual keynote starts off the show in 2017. Join Privateer Press staff as they discuss upcoming releases and projects on the horizon. Be on the information front lines for all the amazing things coming up for Privateer Press. You won't want to miss the exciting news!

Iron Painter Showdown and Trivia Challenge
You can paint. You can even paint fast. But can you paint Iron Painter fast? Following the format of the popular television show Iron Chef(R), the Iron Painter Showdown will pit contestants against one another in a competition requiring skill, speed, creativity, and grit. A surprise competitor will challenge the contestants, and all will need to quickly adapt and expect the unexpected in order to take home the grand prize. What will the 2017 surprise mini be? You will have to come and watch to find out! In addition, a few select attendees will be chosen to compete in an Iron Kingdoms trivia throw down. Participants will pit their knowledge of Immoren and Privateer Press against each other in a fun game-show format that comes with fantastic prizes. 2017 will feature new trivia questions and expanded prizes. This is one event that will be just as much fun to watch as it is to participate in, so don't miss the excitement and drama!

Cosplay Contest
Show off your finest Privateer Press-inspired costume. Privateer staff members will judge costumes on craftsmanship, creativity, and fidelity to the aesthetics of our worlds. Prizes will be given for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place, and all entrants will have the opportunity to have their photos taken for inclusion in an upcoming issue of No Quarter magazine!

Skull Islands eXpeditions Author Signings
Authors Douglas Seacat, Matt Wilson, Aeryn Rudel, Matt Goetz, Michael G. Ryan, and more will be at our Skull Island eXpeditions table to sign copies of their books. And with the new print-on-demand service, even more books are able to be signed!

Kid Kingdoms Family Area
New this year, the Kid Kingdoms Family Area is the perfect place for parents to share the world of the Iron Kingdoms with their children. We will have coloring, easy Iron Kingdoms games, and a 12-and-under paint-and-take.

Everyone in the Family Area must be accompanied by a parent or guardian.

Cosplay Basics with Allie Rose
She has shown off some of the most amazing costumes to hit the Iron Kingdoms. Now, she wants to show you how to start. Allie Rose-Marie will be back this year to show you how to build your very own bracer. This event will take place over two days and provide you with a unique piece to start your 2018 cosplay!

CID Live
Hundreds have signed up to playtest the newest faction with our Community Integrated Development plan. At Lock & Load, you will get the chance to playtest alongside our development team, offering feedback and playing against the people behind the game. This event encompasses two different sessions, covering two different sets of models.

Grymkin Staff Games
The Defiers rise once more at Lock & Load, and our staff is eager to show you why every nation in Immoren should be very afraid. These live-streamed games will pit a member of our staff against an attendee chosen during the show.


The WARMACHINE/HORDES Masters tests your skills with your chosen Faction. The preliminaries on Friday will seed the top eight finishers from each event, who will compete in the Masters Finals on Sunday. 128 players.

WARMACHINE/HORDES Lock & Load Champions
WARMACHINE/HORDES Champions proves you have mastered your Faction. Armies can only be led by the warcasters/warlocks found on the Active Duty Roster, making Champions a rapidly changing arena of battle that allows you to showcase your skill with all of your Faction's most powerful heroes and villains. Preliminaries are on Friday, finals Sunday. 64 players.

Iron Gauntlet: The WARMACHINE/HORDES World Championship
Iron Gauntlet is the ultimate test of a player's mastery of the game. The top 16 players from all of the 2015-2016 qualifiers will battle for the title of World Champion. 16 players - Invitation Only.

WARMACHINE/HORDES Three Commanders Team Tournament

Saturday, the Lock & Load Team Tournament pits teams of three players against each other in a chess-style tournament. Each of the three players is ranked by skill level: General, Captain, and Lieutenant. Each team member plays against a competing team member of the same rank during matches (e.g., General vs. General, Captain vs. Captain). 16 teams maximum, three players per team (48 players maximum). Only one member of each three-person team should sign up for this event on RegOnline.

50 pt. army lists
2 lists required, divide & conquer
Characters Restricted
Standard Steamroller scenarios
Death Clock: 42 minutes per player
Each team counts as a single player for the purposes of ranking. Control points accrued and army points destroyed are cumulative for all players on a team for the purpose of tiebreakers.

The Crossroads of Courage Narrative Event
The fate of Holden is being determined at Lock & Load! We're creating a massive new table for the event, and the teams of players will be put through a number of tests conjured by Organized Play Developer Will Hungerford and Writing Manager Matt Goetz.

The Hungerford Games
This two-day event combines the preparation and planning of painting a list and then playing it the next day. Each player will bring an assembled and primed 75-point list. This list must not be painted at all, only primed! On Saturday, you have ten hours to paint your entire list. On Sunday, you will play an eight-person tournament to determine the winner of the Hungerford Games! 8 players.


Charting a Course to Skull Island
For years, the lore and stories of the Iron Kingdoms had only existed in the pages of No Quarter magazine and our anthology books. In 2013, Skull Island eXpeditions exploded onto the scene, bringing with it novels and novellas detailing the awesome stories of the setting. Join Director of Publications Michael G. Ryan and Lead Writer Douglas Seacat for a discussion about what is up-and-coming for Skull Island eXpeditions as we move into our fourth year.

Grymkin Visual Design
One of the most unique Factions to emerge into the world of the Iron Kingdoms, the Grymkin offer a new aesthetic for HORDES. Join our design staff as they look at the concepts that went into creating the look of the Grymkin and how they shifted and evolved into the fearsome army now assaulting the inhabitants of Immoren.

IK Conspiracy Theories
Tin foil hat? Check. Large board with pictures and string connecting various images? Check. Continent spanning conspiracies that no one will believe? Check. Join Head Staff Writer Douglas Seacat and Director of Legal Affairs Brent Waldher as they seek to uncover the truth. Has Magnus committed war crimes? Was there a plot to put Reinholdt on the throne? What lurks beneath the streets of Corvis? Of course, make sure no one follows you to this Hangout...

Grymkin Development
A development process you have had a hand in! Join our development team as they walk through the choices that went into the creation of the Grymkin. Discuss how they evolved during the process of Community Integrated Development.

Design Holden Live
You have seen Holden evolve as the four seasons of the Crossroads of Courage have unfolded. Now you will watch as the battle for his fate is fought. Join Chief Creative Officer Matt Wilson, Concept Artist Nate Feyma, and Head Staff Writer Douglas Seacat as they design the model that will be released for Holden. This is your chance to offer input based on the results of the campaign and the massive multi-table event happening the night before.

Organized Play: Guide to 2017
Organized Play Developer Will Hungerford has engineered some serious new shifts for the various Organized Play formats available in 2017. Join him as he discusses the new zones, scenarios, and formats that will debut just after Lock & Load.

Inside the Strangelight Workshop (with the authors of Wicked Ways)
The first book featuring the Strangelight Workshop boasts short stories from Douglas Seacat, Matt Wilson, Matt Goetz, Michael G. Ryan, Aeryn Rudel and more. Learn about the individuals investigating the paranormal found across the Iron Kingdoms straight from the writers responsible.

Grymkin Storyline
Why have the Grymkin returned? What is the Old Witch's plan? How does the glimmer imp glimmer? These questions and more will be answered by the team that penned the tale of the Defiers being sent to the hells of Urcaen and returning to reap the wicked all across Immoren.

Upcoming Game by Will "Oz" Schoonover
Join Development Team Lead Will "Oz" Schoonover as he discusses a brand-new game releasing later in 2017. Using miniatures from both WARMACHINE and HORDES, this Hangout will go into detail on the exciting new project that has yet to be announced!

No Quarter Games
From the return of Grind to the launching of the brand-new Extreme Colossal Wrestling, No Quarter is the place to get the wildest variant games using your WARMACHINE and HORDES collection. Join Editor-in-Chief Lyle Lowery and Organized Play Developer Will Hungerford as they look ahead at the original games that will be featured in upcoming issues of No Quarter.

Hobby Hangouts

Building a Linear Obstacle
Hobby & Terrain Specialist Michael Archer will give a hands-on demonstration of how to create a piece of terrain for your gaming table. This Hangout is an excellent opportunity to pick up some tips on how to make affordable and effective terrain for WARMACHINE, HORDES, and the Iron Kingdoms Roleplaying Game.

Iron Kingdoms Roleplaying Game Miniature Kit Bash
Have you ever wanted to know how to craft the perfect miniature for your character in the Iron Kingdoms Roleplaying Game? Do you have a dastardly NPC for your game that needs a special model for your players to view in terror? Or maybe you just want some tricks to convert models for your WARMACHINE/HORDES army. No matter your reason, come sit down with Hobby & Terrain Specialist Michael Archer for tips and tricks you can use to create your own original characters from the vast range of parts in the Privateer Press miniatures library.

Scratch-Building Basics
Building a model or a piece of terrain completely from scratch is a skill that takes a lot of practice and experience to perfect. Join Hobby & Terrain Specialist Michael Archer as he shares his terrain-making secrets with anyone interested in making their own unique centerpieces for their games.

Metallic Techniques
Privateer Press Studio Manager Dallas Kemp covers everything you've ever wanted to know about painting metallic surfaces. Come learn how to create the appearance of realistic and appropriate light on your metals using true metallic technique as well as non-metallic metals.

Two-Brush Blending
The two-brush blending technique is considered the quickest way to get high-quality blends in the fewest number of steps. Learn the secrets of this invaluable technique from Privateer Press Studio painters Dallas Kemp and Brendan Roy. Intermediate- to master-level painters will find this technique useful for a variety of projects from amazing single miniatures to vast armies.

Leather, Stone, and Wood
The Iron Kingdoms are full of steam and steel, but deep in the wilds of Immoren, there are plenty of more naturally occurring textures. Privateer Press Studio Manager Dallas Kemp will share his tips and tricks for painting realistic-looking leather, stone, and wood for use on your hobby miniatures. Dallas will show techniques for painters of all skills who want to take their models to the next level.

Glow, Gore, and Tats
The small details of paint jobs go a long way toward making miniatures really shine on the tabletop. Spend time with Privateer Press Studio painter Brendan Roy and learn how to make convincing glows, gore, and tattoos on your WARMACHINE, HORDES, and Iron Kingdoms Roleplaying Game miniatures.

Make Some Rubble
Hobby & Terrain Specialist Michael Archer will give a hands-on demonstration on how to create a simple piece of rubble terrain for your gaming table. This Hangout is an excellent opportunity to pick up some tips on how to make affordable and effective terrain for WARMACHINE, HORDES, and the IKRPG.

Privateer Press Studio Manager Dallas Kemp covers everything you've ever wanted to know about painting flesh. Learn how to create the appearance of realistic and appropriate light on skin of all shades from Alchiere to Zu!

Khador Faction Focus
Join Privateer Press Studio miniature painter Brendan Roy for an in-depth look at the studio scheme and alternate paint schemes for the big red machine from the north. Highlighting the furs, metals, and overall aesthetics of Khador, this class offers helpful hints for beginners and veterans alike.

Grymkin Faction Focus
Escaping from the hells of Urcaen, the Grymkin Faction offers a wide variety of painting opportunities. Join Privateer Press' studio painters Dallas Kemp and Brendan Roy as they walk you through the details of the Dread Rots, the particulars of the Piggybacks, and the specifics of Skin and Moans.

Roleplaying and Board Games

Corvis Calibration - An Iron Kingdoms Adventure Board Game Event
Fight your way through the mean streets of the city of Corvis in this multi-table Iron Kingdoms Adventure Board Game event. Followers of Cyriss have turned their eyes to the City of Ghosts, and it's up to our heroes to discover who is at the center of the plot. Game Developer William "Oz" Schoonover will act as Game Master for this massive event.

Undercity: The Wicked Harvest - An Iron Kingdoms Adventure Board Game Event
Those who prefer the shadows to the light have always lurked beneath the streets of Corvis. Now a new horror has been awoken, and the wicked must be punished for their sins. The Grymkin have invaded from below, and only the Black River Irregulars have a chance to prevent them from assaulting the world above.

Dead Reckoning: An Iron Kingdoms Roleplaying Game Multi-Table Adventure
Dead Reckoning is an Iron Kingdoms Roleplaying Game adventure of epic proportions that will pit several adventuring parties against nearly insurmountable odds as they battle tireless hordes of the undead. RPG Producer Matt Goetz will act as lead Game Master for this truly spectacular gaming experience.

Full Metal Game Master Competition
Sure to be a huge hit this year, the Full Metal Game Master Competition pits four storytellers against one another in a battle to earn the prestigious title of Full Metal Game Master. Four contestants will take on the same Full Metal Fantasy adventure and will be rated on criteria set by RPG Producer Matt Goetz. If you think you've got what it takes to enthrall your players and create the richest in-world experience, try your hand as one of our Game Masters. There will be plenty of seats for players as well.

Operation Crucible: A LEVEL 7 [Omega Protocol] Live Event
Breach the Subterra Bravo facility and race against time and other operatives to get to your objective. Players scramble to succeed in their mission and put an end to the sinister goings-on in the facility. Team up with your friends and be the first to complete your mission!

Make no mistake: Grind is still the most brutal sport ever created. You'll never find a more pulse-pounding experience than the rush of watching that Grinder get smashed all over the arena as your favorite team goes for the score!

Extreme Colossal Wrestling
The atmosphere in the arena is electrifying! Massive monsters and gigantic 'jacks maneuver, slam, and defy physics as they decimate their opponents on the quest to be crowned Extreme Colossal Champion. From Big Bad Laser Daddy to Macho Mammoth, the squared circle has never witnessed a slobber knocker this intense!

No Quarter Games: May
Not yet ready to be announced, this game follows Grind and Extreme Colossal Wrestling in No Quarter's mission to bring you exciting new ways to play. Though still being developed, the strains of yo ho, yo ho could be heard around the playtest table...

No Quarter Games: July
Not yet ready to be announced, this game follows Grind and Extreme Colossal Wrestling in No Quarter's mission to bring you exciting new ways to play. No songs sung just yet, as this game is still percolating in the beehive of Organized Play Developer Will Hungerford's mind.