Lock & Load Gamefest

Convention Guidelines

Guidelines for Child Attendees

While children are welcome at Lock & Load, children under the age of 14 must accompany a parent or guardian into the gaming area if they do not have a badge. A child who intends to plays games on Iron Arena tables or otherwise participates in Lock & Load events must purchase a badge.

Media Policy

Events run by Privateer Press contain various content, including but not limited to: art assets, performances, and oratory. All such content is copyright protected property of Privateer Press, Inc. All Rights Reserved. These events are intended for the private use of our attending audience only. Recording or rebroadcasting any of these events, in any format, is prohibited without written permission from Privateer Press, Inc. Failure to comply may result in expulsion from the event and/or may force Privateer Press to seek other remedies available at law.

Weapons Policy

At no time are “live” weapons and/or firearms allowed at any Lock and Load event without strict written permission from Privateer Press. Any weapon that is a part of cosplay must be checked at the registration desk before entering any event space or the store. Privateer staff may at any time determine that any object is a “live” weapon, even if was approved at a prior time or by another staff member, and ask that the weapon be removed from the event. Failure to remove a weapon from the Event will result in expulsion from Lock and Load without refund.

Harassment Policy

Privateer Press prides itself on creating events and experiences that cater to people from all backgrounds and cultures. A part of creating that experience is ensuring that all of our convention attendees can participate in our events free of harassment or hate speech.

So what is harassment?

While not an all inclusive list Privateer Press considers harassment to include offensive speech that falls into a protected class category. Sexist; ageist; racist; ableist; fatist; anti-religious; homophobic; biphobic; and transphobic speech will not be tolerated.

Activities, including but not limited to, stalking and/or following; unwanted, inappropriate, or excessive photography or recording; unwanted sexual advances or attention; unwanted physical contact; disruptive conduct effecting ongoing events at the convention; hooliganism; and any activity determined by the Privateer Press Staff as qualifying as harassing.

What if I am being harassed?

Find a staff member immediately and report the activity. Privateer Press Staff will swiftly gather the facts, consult management, and determine an appropriate course of action. If you feel as though you need to pursue other avenues of resolution Privateer Press Staff will be more than happy to assist you in contacting hotel security and/or local police should you request them. Your safety and wellbeing are our primary concerns in these matters and we will facilitate your wishes to the best of our ability when resolving these issues.

What happens to the harasser?

If we find that an attendee is harassing another attendee or attendees Privateer Press Staff will take swift and certain action to ensure that the offending attendee stops that harassment. This may result in a simple warning or escalate to an expulsion without refund depending on Privateer Press Staff’s best judgment.